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habitat-croppedThe Habitat is a House Concert venue at the private home of Ken and Heather Settlemyer, who are passionate about the importance of nurturing both local plant and animal wildlife and independent musicians. Live Music & A Wildlife Sanctuary… The concept of the House Concert is to provide a venue where musicians can come to be heard by those whose primary intention is to listen rather than to have music in the background. We are also proud to maintain over 1/4 acre of wilderness within an urban environment, providing much needed habitat for a variety of native species. We plant only native species and manage or eliminate the non native species in that area. We are delighted to play host, not just to excellent musicians, but to a plethora of beautiful butterflies. We are proud to sponsor this event and others that further the cause of supporting and promoting live independent music in the Trop Rock world and beyond. We hope you come and visit us and experience a concert at The Habitat!