Southern Drawl Band

SDB Playing at Spice H2O
Southern Drawl Band playing at Spice H2O on the Norwegian Escape. Photo: Bruce Kudick

[ suhthern drawl ] A perceived feature of some varieties of spoken English, generally indicating longer, more relaxed vowel sounds. Varieties of southern drawl are said to be found in, but not limited to, Southern American English, Californian English, and Australian English. It is said to be one of the most distinguishable regional accents within the United States.

Much like its derivative name, Southern Drawl Band is a melting pot of sound, attitude and entertainment. Defined in categories like Country, Southern Rock, Trop Rock, and Bluegrass, Southern Drawl Band attracts a range of listeners from a broad spectrum of music genre and extends no restrictions on a targeted audience. Their unique trait of extraordinary music and song writing, along with impressive entertainment style and unforgettable live performance is what sets this band apart from any other on the market.

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Thom Shepherd

Thom Shephard
Thom playing poolside on the Norwegian Escape! Photo: Bruce Kudick

Thom Shepherd is an Austin, Texas-based touring artist and songwriter.  He kicked off 2015 by appearing at the always-sold-out Steamboat Music Fest in Colorado. His current top 30 Texas Music Chart single “Beer Pong Anthem” spawned the ten city Texas Beer Pong Tournament Tour, with winners from each location competing for a shot at the $50,000 grand prize at the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas.    His most recent single, an ode to Key West called “Always Saturday Night,” has been receiving lots of love of late from Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville and Beachfront Radio. Thom also makes an appearance in the new documentary “Parrot Heads: The Movie”   He is the writer of five #1 singles –  Craig Morgan’s “Redneck Yacht Club,” David Ball’s “Riding with Private Malone,” Kyle Park’s “The Night Is Young,” Josh Abbott and Pat Green’s single, “My Texas,” and Kevin Fowler’s “Beer Season.”   In total Thom has written over 15 radio singles and has had over 100 of his songs recorded by artist.

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Coley McCabe

Coley McCabe
Coley giving us her magical smile while playing poolside on the Norwegian Escape. Photo: Bruce Kudick

COLEY McCABE is a Texas Country Singer/Songwriter.  She is currently touring in Texas and all over the country, both with her band and performing acoustic shows.  Her engaging stage presence and seasoned songwriting set her apart from other female acts.  She has opened up for many major artists like Toby Keith, Wynonna, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, George Strait, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, and more.

Her current radio single, “I’m With U”, is the title track from her new duet project with Thom Shepherd, and her previous single “This Ain’t the 60’s” was a top 15 hit on the Texas charts.

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Melanie the Djembabe
Melanie Howe, the Djembabe, performing at Spice H2O on the Norwegian Escape. Photo: Bruce Kudick

Musicians hire nationally touring, Melanie Howe, when they want more than accompaniment. Attitude and expression are important factors to be considered in the entertainment industry. Melanie’s experience in music performance, dance performance, and artistic expression gives her an upper hand in promoting an exciting and memorable performance for the musicians she accompanies and the audience in attendance. Her unique and innovative style of playing and performance has put her in demand with musicians and venues alike. Howe has played in music genres from R&B to country, from tropical rock to bluegrass, from pop to electronica and is trained classically. Her wide range and appealing taste have boomed across the United States. With over 10 years of live performance experience, Melanie Howe continues to draw curious crowds. Her fit, feminine flair draws all ages to her percussion playing night after night. She offers more than most in her energetic and exciting performance. With knowledge in music performance, both in professional percussion playing and competitive dance, as well as acting and modeling; Howe offers an unforgettable show every single time.

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Donny Brewer

donnybrewerDonny Brewer is a Parrot Head, sure, Rasta fan, yeah, but the Texas born and bred multi-instrumentalist is more than that. In fact he started in his teens playing big-hair rock in bars he wasn’t even old enough to be in. Later, in college, he found he could make more money playing country in Texas dance halls. Eventually he got fired from his job and gave up his art education to to tour with country acts. There he was educated by a different professor — the road.

He honed his skills as a guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist in front of screaming fans of…well…whoever the act he was opening for. It was a tough road but you get a lot of time off, so the Texas beaches became his second home. He spent years being content as somebody else’s sideman, and only a closet songwriter — that is until he met a girl.

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Photo Credits: Bruce Kudick.